The basic concept behind this room is great: you’re a notorious thief, and have your eyes set on a 250-carat diamond. To get to it, you have to get past all the security measures in place. One such measure is a laser room, and every time you trip a laser,   [Read More...]

Claustrophobia 是 E4G 在同一晚繼 Diamond Heist 隨即在 Trapped! 玩的房間. 是Codegreen和同事玩完極力推薦 E4G 去玩的房間. 所以我們只有五個人. 這房間適合新手, 需要有觀察力, 邏輯推理,  [Read more...]

Diamond Heist 是 E4G 挑戰 Trapped! 的第一間房間, 非常適合新手. 我們找了另外兩位朋友六個人一齊玩. 要有好的觀察力, 團隊合作, 圖案識別, 耐性, 和些少體能. 佈置和道具貼切主題,有我最喜歡 [Read more...]

這是位於市中心的其中一間逃脫公司,Trapped!。請注意,在萬錦市也有一間叫Trapped的,但沒有『!』符號。作為鑽石大盜的我們進入了Diamond Heist,目的是要偷取價值連城的15卡鑽石。 [Read more...]

這是位於市中心的其中一間逃脫公司,Trapped!。請注意,在萬錦市也有一間叫Trapped的,但沒有『!』符號。Claustrophobia 是連環殺手的囚禁室,房間是一個血腥的公廁,氣氛相當不安。遊戲開場的設計很有趣,需要極強的溝通及群體合作。謎題不算很多或很難,絕對需要好的溝通才能過關。 其實裝潢方面都很貼題,但覺得道具的質素可以好一點。本來我的手是被捆綁住的,但因為我的手比較少,很容易就能鬆脫出來。其中有一樣道具,一開門時『砰』一聲掉了在地上,險些被壓倒。空間使用得都不錯,每一角落都用到。最後的謎題比較複雜,方向很迷茫。。還需要一點地理知識(我的弱項。。)。 總括來說,Claustrophia 是個有趣的選擇,用來訓練群體合作會相當不錯。

Theme/Atmosphere: Unfortunately, this room feels cheaply made. But the moment you start, I did feel like I was captured by someone and would fear for my life if it was real. Puzzles: I enjoyed most of the puzzles and they were a lot of fun to complete. Level of Difficulty:   [Read More...]

Theme/Atmosphere: The start of this room is impressive. I have always loved laser lights, and it really makes you feel like you are part of a real heist. I wish the art gallery was utilized a bit more as it was spacious and nicely decorated. Unfortunately we spent most of   [Read More...]

I went to Trapped! with a group of colleagues as part of a team-building activity and I must say, Claustrophobia is a GREAT room for team-building! Many of their puzzles required collaborative efforts, so there was constant communication between me and my colleagues. We had a total of 4 players,   [Read More...]

Trapped! 118 Dundas St W, 2nd Flr, Toronto, ON M5G 1C3 Not to be confused with Trapped Canada (whose Toronto location is in Markham), Trapped! is located in the heart of downtown Toronto at Yonge & Dundas. Situated on the second floor, its main entrance is a bit hard to   [Read More...]

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