Theme/Atmosphere: The décor was consistent with the Da Vinci code book series (if you have read the book or seen the movie). Simplistic design, but it worked. Puzzles: The puzzles are quite basic in nature as it’s mostly riddles and number puzzles. There is one which was quite unique in   [Read More...]

Having read The Da Vinci Code, I was quite excited as to what this room had to offer, especially puzzle-wise. And after having a mediocre experience in The First Endeavour, I was really hoping for this room to be the one that would make us want to come back for   [Read More...]

The Great Escape 165 Geary Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 2B8 Before getting into any detail, it’s important to note that this place is called The Great Escape, not to be confused with Great Escape (North York). It’s located on the second floor of a commercial building, sharing an entrance with   [Read More...]

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We had booked this room because there were more than a few comments that said it had excellent set design. Indeed, there was no skimping – it’s obvious that a lot of time and effort was invested to create the Victorian-style setting. This does come with a cost though. Rules   [Read More...]

Theme/Atmosphere: The story line doesn’t feel complete as I never found out why I was teleported into someone’s Victorian style mansion trying to get out. But, once you get past that, the rooms were well decorated with antique furnishings and I do feel like I have been transported to a   [Read More...]

The Da Vinci Code 是 E4G 在同一晚繼 The First Endeavor 隨即在 The Great Escape 玩的房間 。 需要非常好的翻找能力, 觀察力, 聯想力, 和英文解謎。 有多重房間, 但佈置和道具簡單。 一樣有很多 [Read more...]

The First Endeavour 是 E4G 第一間在 The Great Escape 玩的房間。 有多重房間, 佈置貼切主題, 適合新手至中級玩家。 需要非常非常好的翻找能力, 觀察力, 聯想力, 和英文解謎。 道具簡單, 但有太多 [Read more...]

這是我們在The Great Escape玩的第二間房。這間的主題自於小說『達文西密碼』。老闆再次詳盡地向我們解說了整個遊戲的流程。第一間房是主角的酒店,第二是某教授的家,第三是一教堂的地 [Read more...]

今次我們去到位於多倫多中區的The Great Escape,又一連氣玩了兩間房。這裡跟我們去過的逃脫公司一點不同:第一,老闆不是亞裔人,二,他給我們看過同意書(又稱賣命紙),然後 [Read more...]

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