When I first saw the name of this room, I thought to myself that it must be yet another prison-themed escape room. But it isn’t; the setting is the inside of an interrogation room. And while the room seems a bit sparse at first, you discover things bit-by-bit, which is   [Read More...]

This was my first carnival-themed room, and after playing it, I’m wondering why it’s not a more common theme. It’s a setting that lends itself well to having puzzles and tasks to complete, not to mention a touch of scariness with clowns and all. As with most of Perplexity‘s other   [Read More...]

我們又再一次回到Perplexity,而且又是一年氣玩兩個遊戲。Criminal Binds 是他們規模較小的遊戲,但質素並不遜於其他房間。佈景是在一間警局內的問話室,佈置及道具的質素不算很高,但亦不過不失。房間 [Read more...]

The Last Laugh 的主題比較新穎,故事是一個關於馬戲團的連環兇殺案。馬戲團本是帶來歡笑及娛樂的地方,加入了黑暗的主題後,就將喜樂及恐怖兩個極端混為一體, [Read more...]

As you can see, the poster for this room is kinda scary. The actual room is not that scary though. Indeed, two of my teammates did scream…twice…however, I don’t think that was the intention of the owners when they put in those props. Or maybe it was, haha. In any   [Read More...]

What initially attracted me to this game was the theme – it wasn’t a prison, a haunted house, or a pyramid, which is refreshing. There’s also something inherently scary about elevators, perhaps because I’ve been trapped in one before? When I got into the room, my first thought was that   [Read More...]

Perplexity 56 Bramsteele Rd, Unit 2, Brampton, ON L6W 3M7 While Markham and Toronto seem to have many escape room companies, it seems to be slow to pick up in the West end. For Brampton in particular, it seems that Perplexity is the only company so far. If you decide   [Read More...]

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今次逃脫的地點是遠在Brampton的Perplexity。一如以往,我們又一氣玩了兩個房間。故事主題很簡單,而且是日常生活也會碰到的事,就是被困在電梯裡 [Read more...]

Kate’s Motel 是 E4G 在同一晚繼The Elevator 隨即在 Perplexity 玩的房間. 比較適合有經驗玩家。需要非常好的翻找能力, 觀察力, 耐性, 和邏輯推理。有多重房間, 佈置和道具都算貼切主題。 有少少不 [Read more...]

The Elevator 是 E4G 挑戰 Perplexity 的第一間房間, 非常適合新手. 要有好的觀察力, 圖案識別, 翻找能力和聯想力. 一開始時有機件故障, 但職員很快解決. 只有一個房間, 佈置和道具嘗試貼切主題, 不 [Read more...]

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