(NOTE: This game has now been converted to Project Sphere) We had the fortune of playing Mysterious Study when it was just one week old, meaning both equipment and furniture were in almost new condition. The décor was excellent – very relevant to the theme – and definitely gave the room an air   [Read More...]

(NOTE: This game has now been converted to Project Sphere) Theme/Atmosphere: The theme was quite consistent and I felt like we were in a mysterious lab the whole time. Slightly eerie, but lots of fun and adds to the mystery of solving the puzzles. Puzzles: There were enough puzzles to   [Read More...]

Mysterious Study 是 E4G 第一間在 Omescape 玩的房間。 需要至少三個人, 非常適合新手, 指引簡而清, 非常明確, 不需要亂估亂撞。 要有好的觀察力, 圖案識別, 數字、邏輯推理, 和些少體能。 有多重 [Read more...]

呢間係我哋係Omescape去嘅第一間房,Omescape比我嘅印象係好乾淨,好整齊,啲工作人員非常之有禮貌同親切。 間房同個主題好吻合,有啲神秘同埋超越時空嘅感覺。可能係間房開咗冇幾耐,所有嘅道具同設備都好靚好新。由頭到尾佢都設計得好好,有指引,無乜誤導線索。 [Read more...]

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