This room was rather underwhelming. It had all the basic elements of an escape room, but lacked any wow factor. For starters, the staff member was as unenthusiastic as they come. He basically led us to the room, asked if we had any questions, then was ready to leave. When   [Read More...]

Lost Canada 685 Queen St W, 2nd Flr, Toronto, ON M6J 1E6 Lost Canada is part of a franchise from Hong Kong, with the Toronto location being the first and only one in Canada. They’re located downtown, near the intersection of Queen St. W and Bathurst St., so parking is   [Read More...]

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The Lost Den 是 E4G, Escape Games Review (EGR) & The Codex 第一次八個人一齊玩的房間, 適合新手。 要有好的觀察力, 聯想力, 和邏輯推理。 不能說佈置和道具貼切主題, 因職員沒有介紹主題。  [Read more...]

這趟我們約了兩組在網上相識的評論員一起試試這間有Groupon已久的逃脫公司。其實多半有Groupon折扣的都不太好玩,但因為其他兩組已玩透了整個多倫多,彼此剩餘沒玩 [Read more...]

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