Having played Mysterious Study, we had high expectations for this room! And inevitably, when the bar is set that high, it is easy to fall short. While this was a great room with lots of fun puzzles, I guess it was somewhat disappointing in that we were not oohing and aahing   [Read More...]

Theme/Atmosphere: According to the storyline, you have arrived at the Kingdom of Cats, and there are cats everywhere in the room, everywhere you go. It is quite cute. Nothing is really scary about the kingdom, so if you don’t like scary themes, this is a good room for you. Puzzles:   [Read More...]

Kingdom of Cats 是 E4G 第二間在 Omescape 玩的房間。因見 Elite board 有隊伍只用了36分鐘成功逃脫而少看了這個房間。 適合新手至中級玩家, 有逐步指引但要非常仔細地閱讀, 兼長篇大論。 [Read more...]

網上睇到啲評論話呢間房好正,加上之前來過Mysterious Study覺得好好玩, 所以對呢間房特別高期望!有啲人仲話三十幾分鐘仲唔使提示就出到來添, 咁我哋就懷著輕鬆嘅心情入房諗住實無死啦.. 終於我哋都出到來, 不過就用咗幾次提示同埋59分38秒囉! 真係高估咗自己. 只係差一粒星啫, 真係無諗過會難過Mysterious Study咁多. [Read more...]

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