Escapers 4G had the pleasure of teaming up with expert escapers Errol Elumir and Manda Whitney for this round of Casa Loma escaping! Here’s a guest review from Errol! This is a difficult room to rate because there are so many positive qualities: the location is amazing, the actors did   [Read More...]

I’ll tell you right off the bat that your group of sixteen (yes, you need 16 for this game!) gets split up into three groups after spending a bit of time together at the beginning. Towards the end, you regroup and finish the game together. So I can’t speak to   [Read More...]

King of the bootleggers 是 E4G 第二間在 Casa Loma 玩的房間。需要 16 人因而我們和 The Codex 及 兩個不認識的人組成一隊去挑戰 。 可惜最後那兩個人沒有出現而這個房間是需要所有人。 遊戲開 [Read more...]

這是我們第二次到多倫多市中心別樹一格的古堡裡玩逃脫。上一次的Escape From The Towers給了我們非常好的經驗,我們對第二集充滿期望。開始的時候一樣在上次的『游泳池』內集合,但並沒有影片,只有員工口述的簡介。今次的限定人數是16人,可惜有兩位未能出席,我們只有14人。簡介完後,我們被帶到地下的秘密通道前,我還以為遊戲會在那裡開始。原來真正的遊戲地點是通過秘密通道後的一間獨立屋裡面, [Read more...]

Theme/Atmosphere: The actors and actresses were nice and stayed in character, but unlike the first Tower experience, I was not able to get into the game with them; nor did I feel like they heightened my experience. Puzzles: They separate you into three different rooms to solve individual puzzles before   [Read More...]

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