Pyramids are understandably a popular theme for escape rooms. And even though Unforeseeable Pyramid is only the second pyramid-themed room that I’ve played, I’m gonna say right now that it’s my favourite one. The décor was incredible and had me oohing and aahing from start to finish. The attention to   [Read More...]

Unmask is the third room that we’ve played at Freeing, and true to their style, they did an excellent job with the décor. From the wall colour to the props, you can tell that everything was carefully chosen to fit the theme. Definitely no I-found-this-in-the-basement-let-me-throw-it-in-there props. All equipment was in   [Read More...]

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Unforeseeable Pyramid 是 E4G 在同一晚繼 Unmask 隨即在 Freeing Toronto 玩的房間, 適合有經驗玩家。 需要非常好的觀察力, 聯想力, 精確性, 耐性和英文解謎。 有多重房間, 佈置和道具非常貼切 [Read more...]

Unmask 是 E4G 第二次挑戰 Freeing Toronto 的第一間房間, 適合新手至中級玩家。 我們找了另外三位朋友七個人一齊玩。 需要非常好的觀察力, 聯想力, 數字, 和模式識別。 有生物學知識的玩家會有 [Read more...]

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Unforseeable Pyramid 是 Freeing 內難道最高的房間。顧名思義這是一間圍繞金字塔的主題的房間。我們曾經去過非常類同的主題房間,就是Trapped Canada 的Ancient Pyramid。一開始的感覺的確是非常相似,無論格局,裝潢,和道 [Read more...]

第二次來到Freeing,今次是要挑戰兩間難度較高的房間。Unmask是一個尋找失蹤學生的任務,主題圍繞著生化科學,帶點驚慄成份。 裝潢佈置都是屬於非常高的水準,所有技術上的運作都沒有問題。之前在Atescape都遇到差不多的『生化』主題,但Unmask的設計就優勝得多,無論空間運用及道具設計都很細緻,令人很容易投入主題。謎題方面,都非常貼切,不太難,但方向就似乎不太明確。 [Read more...]

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We played this room right after Painter’s Murderer and boy, was it ever different! Well okay, the technical aspect of the puzzles was the same: the room mainly consisted of number locks. But because the theme was so different, the way the combinations were derived were also quite different. While   [Read More...]

Freeing Canada Station – Toronto 9625 Yonge St, 2nd Flr, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5T2 Freeing is an international franchise that just recently opened up in Toronto (Richmond Hill). Of course, our E4G team could not resist trying them out! Like many other escape companies, the first “puzzle” was to   [Read More...]

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第一次來到Freeing,同E4G隊連氣玩咗兩間房,呢間係其中一間。一位好和藹嘅職員同我哋講,我哋嘅任務除咗要逃脫此外,仲要搵出三樣兇案嘅證據。呢個玩法幾新鮮,但係就多咗嘢做。我哋得果45分鐘,要解晒所有謎題加上搜集證據,真係要Pro過啲CSI先得。 [Read more...]

This was the very first room that we tried at Freeing. I was a bit stressed out after the room introduction because they said that other than finding the final key, we had the role of investigators and had to collect four designated pieces of evidence! In hindsight, I guess   [Read More...]

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