Escape from the Tower 是 E4G 第一間在 Casa Loma 玩的房間。 需要 12 人, 因而我們和 Escape Games Review (EGR) 組成一隊去挑戰這個樓塔。 12 人裡面可以有不同程度的玩家, 不過多些有經驗的 [Read more...]

I wasn’t too sure what to expect for this game. It definitely created a lot of hype – there’s something about playing an escape game inside Casa Loma that makes it that much more attractive. Also, this was the first time that our team played in a group of twelve, six   [Read More...]

Theme/Atmosphere: To be honest, I did not care for the storyline, but their actors were extremely professional and so much fun to interact with. They really brought the storyline and theme to life. Definitely added another dimension to the game. Puzzles: I have to say that the majority of the   [Read More...]

在多倫多這麼多年都沒去過Casa Loma,想不到為了玩密室逃脫而第一次到訪!當車子駛進前往古堡的小路時,景觀由擠迫的城市漸漸地變了充滿歷史遺跡的花園和圍牆,直至見到一座宏偉的城堡,真是嘆為觀止。雖然這次的票價比一般逃脫的貴,但平日古堡的入場費已是$24,只多給$16就可在古堡裡玩逃脫+參觀,實在賺了。 我們這次需要12個隊員,所以聯同EGR第一次一起玩。舉辦單位 [Read more...]

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