Theme/Atmosphere: This was my first experience with the Real Escape Games company, and because this isn’t a permanent location for this game, the props and décor is not that impressive. The facilitators were all dressed up and it helped with the storyline of being “trapped in a forest”. Puzzles: There   [Read More...]

The format for this game is pretty much the same as Escape from the Bank, just a different theme/story. My comments from that post apply to this game as well, so I’m not going to repeat them here. At the time of writing this post, E4G is planning a date   [Read More...]

第一次見識到,原來逃脫都可以百多人一起玩的。這個大型逃脫項目是Real Escape Games的出品,他們之前已有辦過幾個同類的遊戲。這樣的玩法跟傳統密室逃脫很大差別,雖然都是以謎題解答為主,但實質上並沒需要開鎖或『逃脫』 [Read more...]

Escape from the Cursed Forest 是 Logic, 師妹, 和我第一次參加 Real Escape Games 的逃脫活動, E4G和三位朋友七個人一齊參與. 因這次是錯誤測試活動, 感覺非常有趣。 一大班人在同一個地方分成 [Read more...]

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