Theme/Atmosphere: The rooms were very well decorated and I really did feel like we were in a jail cell. The atmosphere was dark and dimly lit as you would assume jail cells to be, but it was not scary at all. Puzzles: Absolutely loved the puzzles. This is a multi-room   [Read More...]

The first time I went to Escape Games was to play The End of the Line and it fell short of my high expectations. I decided to give them another chance, so I went with my E4G team to try Escape from Bleak Prison and was pleasantly surprised! The room   [Read More...]

好期待今次的逃脫,因為這間Escape Games係多倫多數一數二的密室逃脫地點!果然係名不虛傳,無令我哋失望。 最初我哋被職員帶到一間小影院,看關於間房嘅背景同規則。在其他公司,呢樣嘢通常都係排好隊,帶眼罩,然後喺間房度聽個職員講。 [Read more...]

Escape from Bleak Prison 是 E4G 在 Escape Games 第一間一齊玩的房間。 而我們找了另一位朋友五個人一齊玩。適合有經驗玩家。需要非常好的翻找能力, 觀察力, 聯想力, 邏輯推理, 些少體能, 和小 [Read more...]

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