Mission Museum 是我和我先生兩個人自己去玩的房間。 指引清晰, 知道需要解開什麼謎題, 不需要太多人及適合新手。 需要非常好的翻找能力, 觀察力, 和聯想力。 雖然只有一個房間及道具簡單, 但 [Read more...]

ESC-IT 5051 Highway 7, Unit 10/11, Markham, ON L3R 1N3 ESC-IT is no doubt one of the first escape room places to pop up in Toronto, long before room escapes became all the rage here. Their enthusiastic staff, convenient location and vast selection of rooms helped them to gain popularity, quickly   [Read More...]

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Cursed Library is ESC-IT’s recommended room for beginners. So, when a girlfriend and I were looking for our very first room escape experience, we chose this room. I find that brand new players, in their very first few minutes, usually fall into one of two categories: the Mad Scramble type,   [Read More...]

ESC-IT係多倫多密室逃脫嘅先頭部隊,好多人都係喺度第一次玩,我都唔例外。果時冇乜其他地方有得玩,所以佢好多預約,我哋就被逼玩咗呢間比較難嘅房。果然真係幾難,我諗唔好話45分鐘,就算俾夠我個半鐘我都未必走得出去。可能第一次玩,冇乜經驗,第二個謎題都搞咗我哋成二十分鐘!順便係度提下未玩過或新手嘅朋友,如果10分鐘內都破唔到個謎題,就即刻攞提示喇,唔好嘥晒啲時間。 [Read more...]

Storage of Secrets 是我人生中第一間玩的真人密室逃脫房間。 是和師妹及兩位朋友四個人一齊玩, 全部是新手。 要自己尋找線索, 適合有經驗玩家。 需要非常好的翻找能力, 聯想力, 和圖案推理。 只有 [Read more...]

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