Theme/Atmosphere: We started off the game in what looks like Dracula’s study, so it was very true to the theme of the escape. Puzzles: The puzzles flowed smoothly from one to the next and if you read your instructions properly, you will understand what to do. The tasks themselves were   [Read More...]

Our team isn’t big on creepy/haunted rooms, so we chose to do this room after Charlotte, with the hopes that it would help to “un-creep” our minds. And it certainly did! Despite the vampire theme, there was only one dark room, and the overall décor was not creepy at all.   [Read More...]

Dracula’s Library 是 E4G 在同一晚繼 Charlotte 隨即在 Captive 玩的房間, 適合有經驗玩家。 需要非常非常好的翻找能力, 觀察力, 數字, 和邏輯推理。 房間佈置和道具貼切主題, 謎題大都是爆鎖為主,  [Read more...]

我們玩完Charlotte後,再接再厲去了Dracula's Library。這裡的氣氛截然不同,房間的裝修充滿歐陸風格,但仍有一種陰森的感覺。。因為是殭屍先生的家。故事是說我們是一班追蹤殭屍的探員,經一番搜尋後,最後與一位與殭屍有密切聯繫的線人會面。這個約會原來是個圈套,我們被迷暈後, [Read more...]

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