The basic concept behind this room is great: you’re a notorious thief, and have your eyes set on a 250-carat diamond. To get to it, you have to get past all the security measures in place. One such measure is a laser room, and every time you trip a laser,   [Read More...]

Diamond Heist 是 E4G 挑戰 Trapped! 的第一間房間, 非常適合新手. 我們找了另外兩位朋友六個人一齊玩. 要有好的觀察力, 團隊合作, 圖案識別, 耐性, 和些少體能. 佈置和道具貼切主題,有我最喜歡 [Read more...]

這是位於市中心的其中一間逃脫公司,Trapped!。請注意,在萬錦市也有一間叫Trapped的,但沒有『!』符號。作為鑽石大盜的我們進入了Diamond Heist,目的是要偷取價值連城的15卡鑽石。 [Read more...]

Theme/Atmosphere: The start of this room is impressive. I have always loved laser lights, and it really makes you feel like you are part of a real heist. I wish the art gallery was utilized a bit more as it was spacious and nicely decorated. Unfortunately we spent most of   [Read More...]

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