Theme/Atmosphere: The room was dimly lit and was consistent with the theme of going through an eerie room searching for the Death Note. It was comfortable for 4 people. Puzzles: I enjoyed the hidden “features” and the challenges were fun to solve. Everything was consistent with the Death Note theme,   [Read More...]

呢間房嘅概念源於日本漫畫『死亡筆記』。初時職員問我哋有冇睇過套漫畫或電影。。我心諗,成十幾年前,睇過都唔記得啦。我自己就淨係記得個主角執到本書, [Read more...]

Of the five rooms at Trapped Canada, this one is probably the easiest. Having said that, I will also say that rooms at Trapped Canada are more for Intermediate/Advanced players, so this is no walk in the park! As with other rooms at Trapped Canada, the puzzles in this room   [Read More...]

Death Note 是 E4G 第一次合作的房間, 適合新手。 要自己尋找線索, 需要非常好的觀察力, 翻找能力, 細節推理和小隊合作。 道具雖然比較簡單, 但有轉移及誤導成份。 其中一個道具可以強行打開,所 [Read more...]

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