Although I’m not a big fan of dark-themed rooms, I must admit, I enjoyed this room a lot. Interestingly, I can’t even put my finger on the exact reason. It was just one of those rooms that I came out of with a smile on my face, and felt great   [Read More...]

Theme/Atmosphere: True to its name, the theme is ominous and eerie, but very well done and not over-the-top or excessive. The rooms are barely lit, so if you don’t like the dark, I would not suggest this room. Puzzles: I found that there were more puzzles that required logical thinking   [Read More...]

其實我哋考慮咗好耐先決定挑戰呢間房。。因為聽咗玩過嘅人講,都話呢間房超難,無可能解到佢啲題,題題都要攞提示。。等等。終於我哋就懷著衰硬嘅心態入咗去玩。可能就係咁,所以感覺良好。雖然真係好難,但唔至於係解唔到,只不過時間有限,所以唯有攞題示來加快速度。我哋今次五個人去,最後以58分幾逃出。 [Read more...]

The Dark Altar 是 E4G 第三間在 Omescape 玩的房間。 從其他朋友或評論中知道這間房間是很富挑戰性的, 所以我們的目標是要成功逃脫, 不需要局限索取提示。 需要至少四個人, 適合有經驗玩 [Read more...]

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