As I alluded to in the Overview, the immersion begins as you enter the lobby. You feel as though you’ve entered some secret shelter, which is the setting for this game. Even the rules cater to this immersion, which is a nice added touch. You’ll know what I mean when   [Read More...]

The premise of this game intrigued me, because while it was called an escape game, you play most of the game wandering around Toronto’s Chinatown. So what are you escaping exactly? Well, it turns out that the latter part of the game does require an escape. This game was designed   [Read More...]

Being one of the first enthusiasts to play The Truth of Osaka High, I had no idea what to expect. And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. The set lined up perfectly with the story, and gave off an adequate level of creepiness. I was unfazed as usual, but   [Read More...]

For those of you who’ve played Escape from the Mysterious Room, this one is similar in that it allows up to 12 players in the room (you can book for up to 11 online, then pay in-person for the 12th), and you split up to solve various puzzles around the   [Read More...]

With Mysterious Study being one of our all-time favourites, we were super excited to be invited to play the remastered version. However, I was also a bit nervous. Going in with high expectations, would I find that this room now falls flat? Could it be that we enjoyed it back   [Read More...]

This was a room that I wanted to like, simply because I liked how it looked at first glance. As soon as you enter the room, there’s no question that you’re in an art studio, and a bright one too, which is always a nice bonus. However, later on in   [Read More...]

The Black Room was, as expected, dark. The story behind the room is that one of your friends disappeared after taking on a babysitting job, so you go look for her and end up getting locked into the child’s room. Other than having some items that might belong in a   [Read More...]

When I first saw the name of this room, I thought to myself that it must be yet another prison-themed escape room. But it isn’t; the setting is the inside of an interrogation room. And while the room seems a bit sparse at first, you discover things bit-by-bit, which is   [Read More...]

This was my first carnival-themed room, and after playing it, I’m wondering why it’s not a more common theme. It’s a setting that lends itself well to having puzzles and tasks to complete, not to mention a touch of scariness with clowns and all. As with most of Perplexity‘s other   [Read More...]

After a disappointing experience with King of the Bootleggers, I wasn’t sure what to expect for Station M. Secretly, I was hoping it would be as satisfying as Escape from the Tower, but I dared not get my hopes up. I mean, it was hard to not get excited about   [Read More...]

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