Night at the Wedding was the second live-theatrical escape event put on by the Canadian Caper team. Even before going, I was excited about it, because the theme was so different! And they did such a great job with it, from the costumes, to the decorations, to how the event   [Read More...]

Night at the Wedding 是一個由Canadian Capers 主辦的項目。它的概念是將劇場,謎題,與逃脱混成一體,給觀眾一個既能思考,刺激,及有娛樂性的節目。在僅僅一天內舉辦了兩場,我們參加了第一場。Canadian Capers的主要成員 [Read more...]

This game was a live theatrical escape event, set in the mid-1920’s, at a speakeasy run by the mob. In order to gain access to various parts of the place (and eventually, escape), you needed to solve puzzles – of course! It was a refreshing theme, to say the least,   [Read More...]

Canadian Caper is a group comprised of escape room enthusiasts, with members from Escape Games Review (EGR), Escape Room Addict (ERA) and Escape Games Toronto (EGT). Together, they created a theatrical live escape event called “Night at the Speakeasy”. Given the success of this event, I wonder if there will   [Read More...]

Night at the Speakeasy 是 E4G 第一次參與的現場戲劇活動, 有少少似角色扮演遊戲 (RPG), 需要與演員對話而取得謎題和道具去解題。 這亦是 Canadian Caper 第一次主辦的活動。每組六個人在同一 [Read more...]

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