Our reviews will evaluate four main areas when scoring escape rooms:


This is based on how the décor matches the theme of the room.  When players step into the room, they shouldn’t need some lengthy explanation in order to play their role; they should transition into their game character easily from the impact of the atmosphere.  The room should use visuals and sounds to convey to the players that they are in another world and that they have a mission.


Props, clues, and hints sometimes require the use of various equipment.  Some rooms rely heavily on technology, while others use note cards or flashlights.  Either way, it’s essential that such equipment is well-maintained and does not delay escape time due to malfunction or any other kind of issue.


Is the idea of the theme original?  Are the puzzles creatively designed? A creative room design uses different and interesting puzzles that require both logic and physical methods to solve.  The presentation should also be closely related to the theme.   A big bonus will be given to those rooms with a surprise factor – an unexpected passage to another room, for example.


Escape rooms are essentially a series of puzzles. We feel that good room design incorporates puzzles that are not too easy, so players can feel challenged, but not so difficult that players get stuck in one spot for too long. Also, there should be just enough direction that it’s somewhat clear what your next step is. Red herrings, or unnecessary clues, are valid as long as players are not too overwhelmed with them. Extra credit will be given to rooms with unique puzzles that fit with the theme of the room.


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