PuzzlesNo. of
OmescapeDark Altar, The9.569.
Escape From The 6Fire Fighter Rescue9.559.
Casa Loma Escape SeriesEscape from the Tower9.50109.59.59.14
OmescapeKingdom of Cats, The9.449.
Casa Loma Escape SeriesStation M9.399.
Omescape ScarboroughVirus Outbreak9.38109.39.58.71
OmescapeProject Sphere9.349.
OmescapePenitentiary, The9.319.
MayzeThe Truth of Osaka High9.309.
Escape GamesUnknown, The9.
Mysterious MindsLoonie for Luck9.
Escape GamesEscape from Bleak Prison9.
BreakOut Team AdventuresLiberty Squad, The9.
FreeingUnforeseeable Pyramid9.
Outbreak Escape GamesBeneath The Surface9.
Room Escape OttawaBoom Room9.
Room Escape OttawaSerial Killer Charade9.
Escape GamesNoriko9.
Roundabout CanadaFinal Destination9.
Canadian CaperNight at the Wedding9.
Roundabout CanadaButcher's Basement8.989.
Roundabout CanadaPrisoner, The8.989.
Studio EscapesTrauma in the Theatre8.989.
PerplexityLast Laugh, The8.949.
Trapped CanadaAncient Pyramid, The8.949.
Real Escape GameEscape from the Time Travel Lab8.938.
Mysterious MindsThe Moonshine Mile8.889.
Trapped CanadaContaminated Hospital8.839.
Canadian CaperNight at the Speakeasy8.799.
Casa Loma Escape SeriesKing of the Bootleggers8.789.
Escape GamesMayan Curse8.759.
Real Escape GamesLost and Found in China Town8.748.
Real Escape GameEscape from the Red Room8.738.
Looking Glass AdventuresEscape the Danforth8.708.
FreeingBlack Swan8.639.
PerplexityCriminal Binds8.588.
CaptiveDracula's Library8.578.
OmescapeJoker's Asylum8.569.
Trapped CanadaDeath Note8.478.
Trapped CanadaMedieval Prison8.459.
PerplexityElevator, The8.428.
Escape From The 6Escape the Wild West8.359.
PerplexityKate's Motel8.
FreeingPainter's Murderer8.
Mystery Room (Downtown)Assassin's Code8.
BreakOut Team AdventuresHangover8.
Riddle RoomMissing Anatomy8.
Real Escape GameEscape from the Mysterious Room8.
Real Escape GameTrial of the Mad Fox Society, The7.967.
Trapped!Diamond Heist7.948.
De Code AdventuresDe Triad Code (Investigators)7.767.
De Code AdventuresDe Triad Code (Mobsters)7.487.
AT EscapeBioLab Extraction7.448.
Real Escape GameEscape from the Cursed Forest7.366.
Studio EscapesRevenge in the Dressing Room7.
Real Escape GameEscape from the Bank7.
AT EscapeLibrary Lockup7.
Escape ZoneBlack Room, The7.
Escape ZoneDa Vinci Code7.
ESC-ITCursed Library6.756.
ESC-ITMission Museum6.757.
Lost CanadaLost Den, The6.646.
The Great EscapeDa Vinci Code6.597.
The Vertigo GamesDragon's Secret6.537.
Mission45Resident Evil (Part 1)6.486.
The Great EscapeThe First Endeavour6.317.

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