The Truth of Osaka High

The Truth of Osaka High










          • - Creepy atmosphere
          • - Puzzles related to theme


          • - Too difficult for the average player

          Being one of the first enthusiasts to play The Truth of Osaka High, I had no idea what to expect. And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. The set lined up perfectly with the story, and gave off an adequate level of creepiness. I was unfazed as usual, but most of my team got rather distracted by their fears, which I think is great! It’s not often that we come across rooms that we find scary, because the more we play, the more “immune” we become to these things.

          There was quite a bit of tech throughout the game, and it was used in a suitable manner. By that, I mean that tech was used in a way that enhanced the room and fit into the theme, and not just used so that they could say that they had tech in the room. And what’s also nice is that all the tech worked, which is sadly not the case for some rooms that we’ve played elsewhere. Nicely done, Mayze!

          While we did enjoy the puzzles, our team felt that the room is too difficult for the average player. However, upon speaking with the owners, we learned that this is exactly what they were aiming for. So, if your team is looking for a challenge, then I recommend that you give this room a try. However, do keep in mind that some team members may get spooked.


          2210 Markham Rd, Unit #3, Toronto, ON M1B 5V6

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