Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie










          • - Facilitates teamwork
          • - Evaluation provided at the end


          • - Safety hazards
          • - Too cramped and stuffy

          The title says it all – for one hour, you’re trapped in a room with a “zombie”, which is played out by an actor (a very athletic one, I might add!). The zombie is chained to the wall, and his chain is released one foot every five minutes, allowing the zombie to reach more and more parts of the room (and hence, the players). It’s a creative concept for sure, but personally, I did not enjoy it very much. Here’s why….

          Having numerous puzzles to solve within a set time limit is enough excitement for me. But having to solve them while dodging a super-fast zombie not only makes it stressful, but frustrating as well. I often found myself having to restart the solving process (which is already slower than usual, since I always have one eye on the zombie) after being interrupted. And to top it off, the equipment for the mechanical task did not work properly. But it took several tries to realize this, since it was stationed in an area highly accessible to the zombie, so the person trying it out only got to use it for seconds at a time.

          What bothered me the most though were all the safety hazards that I spotted. Sharp table corners, a cabinet whose doors (which had sharp corners) didn’t stay closed after unlocking it, a rug that tripped one of our team members and caused her to fall…all these in a room that was too cramped for twelve, with a zombie who lunged at you.

          Since it was a bug test, the staff did ask for our feedback, which we provided. I don’t expect them to change any aspect of the game, but I hope that at least some of the safety hazards are mitigated or removed.

          If solving puzzles while avoiding a lunging zombie is your thing, then by all means give this a try. For me, I think I’ll stick to rooms with less exciting aspects.


          Trapped in a Room with a Zombie
          81 Huron St, Toronto, ON M5T 2A8

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          1. […] REG’s Trapped in a room with a Zombie is located in Downtown Toronto.  The room is located in the lower level of a commercial office space.  We have done another version of the room before when it was owned by Room Escape Adventures but we were enticed to try it again, this time with EGR’s Team Kayphen, our friends Manda and Errol and CodeGreen from E4G (who wrote a review here). […]

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