The Lost Den

The Lost Den










          • - No tech failures
          • - Can get Groupon for it


          • - 2nd room too small for 8 people
          • - Lacking immersion

          This room was rather underwhelming. It had all the basic elements of an escape room, but lacked any wow factor. For starters, the staff member was as unenthusiastic as they come. He basically led us to the room, asked if we had any questions, then was ready to leave. When we asked him for a backstory, he said there wasn’t one, even though there’s one on their website. And if that didn’t prevent you from getting immersed in the story, the décor certainly did. There were two bookshelves, a few other random items that didn’t quite fit in, and wallpaper with a bookshelf pattern.

          The puzzles were alright, if you’re okay with most of them not tying into the theme/story (that I found on their website) and lacking direction. This room is currently their most difficult room, and I can see why. It’s not because of the level of difficulty of the puzzles, but more due to poor design. We solved all the puzzles and escaped successfully, but it sure was a frustrating experience.

          I’ll also note that this was the first place where none of the staff seemed to care that we escaped. We exited the room, walked back to the lobby, and had to ask the staff to hand us the bins containing our belongings. I’m so glad that we had a Groupon and didn’t pay full price for this experience.

          Lost Canada
          685 Queen St W, 2nd Flr, Toronto, ON M6J 1E6

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