The Liberty Squad

The Liberty Squad










          • - Immersive design
          • - Puzzles relevant to theme


          • - Equipment issue?

          As escape games pick up in popularity, I get more friends asking me about them. So, after hearing from 師妹 about how much fun she had playing The Liberty Squad, I decided that this was a good room for some of my friends (who are new to escape games) to try out. And why just tell them to go, when I could join in the fun myself?

          As 師妹 mentioned in her Overview of BreakOut Team Adventures, the first “puzzle” was finding the place. Increased signage would definitely help out here! After that though, everything else was enjoyable. From the staff member that hosted us, to the facilities and the game itself, there really isn’t anything major to complain about.

          The game starts off with your group split into two teams – the captured commanders and the rescue team. Eventually, the teams come together and solve the rest of the puzzles together. I was one of the captured commanders and even though we were handcuffed, there were still puzzles to solve! The puzzles were great – they were pretty straightforward and related well to the theme. There was one puzzle, however, which used materials that I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t find in a military bunker, but hey, I could be wrong. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you go play this room. But either way, it did add to the fun factor! And in terms of the room design and décor, the BreakOut team did a fantastic job! Coupled with the music and sound effects, the military theme was definitely prevalent throughout the whole game.

          There are just two items that I see as potential issues. The first is their hint system. Instead of the players requesting a hint, there are pre-recorded prompts that would be played here and there as needed. This is great for beginners and ensures that you get through most of the game in a timely manner, but I can see hardcore players disliking this. The second thing is that we noticed a speaker in the prisoners’ room, but there was no sound coming from it. We’re not sure if this was by design, but my guess is that it just plain wasn’t working. This definitely affected our gameplay, because until we had full access to the adjoining room, we could barely hear anything being broadcasted.

          Despite these issues, my group had a great time! I would definitely recommend The Liberty Squad to anyone looking for a well-designed and fun room escape experience!


          BreakOut Team Adventures
          705 Progress Ave, Unit 43, Toronto, ON M1H 2X1

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