The Kingdom of Cats

The Kingdom of Cats










          • - Very unique theme
          • - Great variety of puzzles


          • - Too much reading needed
          • - Math skills required

          Having played Mysterious Study, we had high expectations for this room! And inevitably, when the bar is set that high, it is easy to fall short. While this was a great room with lots of fun puzzles, I guess it was somewhat disappointing in that we were not oohing and aahing like we did in Mysterious Study. Don’t get me wrong though – it’s still a fantastic room!

          What I really like about this room is that the theme is very unique. So, true to Omescape style, the corresponding décor and puzzles are all quite different from your “typical” escape room, if there is such a thing. You’ll find that this game is rather…cute? Come to think of it, even the background music is cute! But don’t let the word ‘cute’ deter you – this is by no means an easy room. The puzzles require that the players be very flexible and creative in their solution approach. Those who are more logical problem solvers (like me!) may find themselves at a bit lost.

          For the most part, the game flowed well. What bothered us a bit though was the amount of reading involved. I can see how it fit into the story, but it’s frustrating nonetheless since this is a timed challenge. I think it’d be even more frustrating if English was not my first language. Similarly, there was a puzzle that required math skills that I feel could potentially use up a lot of time if math is not your strong suit. It wasn’t overly complex, but again, given the time crunch, it could really use up a lot of your precious time.

          I recommend this room for beginner to intermediate level players who are looking for something refreshing or would like to stay away from the dark themes that are so common with escape rooms. The variety and uniqueness of the puzzles will keep you on your toes and make for a fun night!


          7501 Woodbine Ave, Unit 7, Markham, ON L3R 2W1

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