The First Endeavour

The First Endeavour










          • - Brightly lit rooms


          • - Riddles are sometimes confusing
          • - Dusty room
          • - Too many breakable items (distracted us from playing as we had to be careful with everything we were inspecting)

          Theme/Atmosphere: The story line doesn’t feel complete as I never found out why I was teleported into someone’s Victorian style mansion trying to get out. But, once you get past that, the rooms were well decorated with antique furnishings and I do feel like I have been transported to a Victorian style home.

          Puzzles: Everything is about solving riddles, so if you don’t like word puzzles, this is not the room for you. Our team was stuck on a one of the riddles because the instructions were worded in a way that we didn’t feel that the answer was correct for the clue given. I think it is arguable. I also didn’t appreciate the excessive number of distracting items/red herrings that were sprawled throughout the game and puzzles within a puzzle. Having said that, one of the answers to the riddles was very creative and unique — an “Ah-ha” moment.

          Level of Difficulty: I don’t think the room was overly difficult. Good for beginners.

          Overall Experience: The owners were very friendly and greeted us with a warm welcome. This was our first time at The Great Escape Canada and a lot of time was taken to explain the rules/storyline/room layout, etc … it shows that they wanted everyone to enjoy their experience.

          I felt that the puzzles didn’t have much to do with the theme of the room, but separately they were ok.

          I normally like multi-room escapes, but I didn’t like the number of times we needed to go back and forth between the other rooms and the first room because that was where the riddles were. It felt like a waste of time, and didn’t add to the experience of the game.


          The Great Escape
          165 Geary Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 2B8

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