The Dark Altar

The Dark Altar










          • - Puzzles tied well to theme and each other
          • - Excellent décor
          • - Dark, but not scary


          • - Last room was a bit cramped

          Although I’m not a big fan of dark-themed rooms, I must admit, I enjoyed this room a lot. Interestingly, I can’t even put my finger on the exact reason. It was just one of those rooms that I came out of with a smile on my face, and felt great about the whole experience.

          Watching the intro video while waiting in the lobby, we weren’t sure exactly what we’d find in the room. Would it be dead bodies? Body parts? Skeletons? Thankfully, there was none of that, nor was it necessary. Through clever use of lighting and equipment, the rooms were just eerie enough that you always had a feeling that something scary was going to happen. We approached each puzzle and contraption with care, but even so, we all screamed at one point in the game. Thinking back, it’s really nothing to scream about, but the game-masters told us that it was a common reaction. Nice trick guys!

          I’m guessing one of the reasons why I enjoyed this room so much is because of the amount of logic-based puzzles. As I mentioned in my bio, my mind is heavy on the logic side. Hence, logic-based puzzles really appeal to me and I find them easier to solve than other types of puzzles. All the puzzles also seem to weave nicely into the whole story and flowed well from one to the next.

          The only “complaint” (and it really isn’t much of one) about this room is that the last room is rather small. They allow up to 8 people for this game, which I imagine would be quite uncomfortable. Well, I guess that would be more motivation for you to solve that last puzzle quicker!

          Another job well done by the Omescape team! I would recommend this room for intermediate to advanced players. Enjoy!


          7501 Woodbine Ave, Unit 7, Markham, ON L3R 2W1

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