The Crime Scene

The Crime Scene










          • - Puzzles flowed well from one to the other
          • - Great variety of puzzles
          • - Excellent use of space


          • - Some might find the atmosphere too eerie
          • - Door locks lacked variety

          (NOTE: As of November 2015, NextRelic has been converted to an archery tag facility. The escape game is no longer available.)

          If I were only allowed one word to describe this game, I would use the word FUN. Other than a bit of a slow start, it was pretty much non-stop action right up to the end. There was puzzle after puzzle to be solved, and the variety and placement of the puzzles kept things very interesting.

          In terms of atmosphere, it was great! The choice of lighting and décor gave the rooms a suitable level of creepiness that fit well with the theme. You can really see that a lot of effort went into decorating the rooms. Some of the equipment was a bit worn down, but it’s hard to tell if it started out that way, or if was due to player abuse. Either way, it was fine because it didn’t affect the gameplay and in some ways, adding to the whole eerie feeling.

          There were just two very minor things that I felt would improve the overall experience if addressed, but it’s probably just me being picky. One was that every door used the good old key method to open. Having seen the variety of door locks at other places, I felt that it would’ve been a nice touch to see a different type of lock here and there. But again, I’m nitpicking here. The other thing that bothered us was this one particular puzzle involving lasers. Even though we were executing the solution properly, it still took guidance from the game-master for us to fully complete it and move onto the next step. Speaking of the game-master, he did a fantastic job! He kept a close eye on our team throughout the game, and talked to us (via the walkie-talkie) when necessary. Thanks so much!

          After playing The Crime Scene, I must say, I’m rather surprised that this place is not more well-known. It truly is a hidden gem! I recommend this room to anyone that’s into escape rooms, and has played at least one other escape room elsewhere.

          (NOTE: As of November 2015, NextRelic has been converted to an archery tag facility. The escape game is no longer available.)

          The Next Relic
          700 Progress Ave, Unit 4, Scarborough, ON M1H 2Z7

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