Station M

Station M










          • - Large variety of puzzles to solve
          • - Interactive experience


          • - You only get to work on a subset of the puzzles/tasks

          After a disappointing experience with King of the Bootleggers, I wasn’t sure what to expect for Station M. Secretly, I was hoping it would be as satisfying as Escape from the Tower, but I dared not get my hopes up. I mean, it was hard to not get excited about playing in the underground tunnels of Casa Loma, but I didn’t want to be disappointed yet again.

          Just like the other two games, the set design was elaborate from start to finish. Add in the dark, damp and somewhat chilly tunnel, and you’ve got the perfect setting for this secret, underground mission that the game story revolves around. And true to the time that the story was set in, there were no high-tech items used for the puzzles. Every so-called tech item was made suitable for the time period.

          In terms of puzzles, there was a good variety of puzzles and enough to keep our group of 12 occupied most of the time. Like other large-group games though, don’t expect to participate in solving every puzzle. On average, you’ll probably get to work on about half of them. There was one puzzle that was broken when we played, which cost us a bit of time. Otherwise, the game ran smoothly and the facilitating actor would drop a hint if she felt it was needed.

          My faith in Casa Loma escape games is restored! It was a fun and well-designed game. And because it’s not horror-themed, I’d say it’s okay for (older) kids to join as well. The game itself is not easy though, so if you have beginners on your team, make sure to bring some experienced players as well.


          Casa Loma
          1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8

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