Serial Killer Charade

Serial Killer Charade










          • - Great atmosphere
          • - Multiple rooms
          • - Full hour for room
          • - Good puzzles


          • - Some puzzles could use some tweaking

          I have a number of relatives in Ottawa, and when I heard I was heading up for a birthday party, I needed to book some escape rooms. I knew I would be hitting my 100th room too, so I was hoping for some good ones! Fortunately, Room Escape Ottawa delivered!

          The number of players for Serial Killer Charade ranged from 2 to 8, which made me a bit wary. It is difficult for a room to cater to that variable amount of people.

          In hindsight, two people would be too difficult, and eight players would result in a couple people looking for things to do. If you have an expert team, four to six would be comfortable.

          We had a team of four: two new to escapes, myself and Ekko, my daughter. She’s done about twenty now and I trust her when in a room so I was pretty confident going in.

          It’s great observing new people to escape rooms because they have no idea what to expect. It was cool to have them try Serial Killer because the atmosphere was great. It was dim, but there were bright lights accenting different parts of the room.

          I wish more rooms vying to be creepy did this. A lone light in a dark room is far more spooky but practical than a dim room.

          The production value of the room was fantastic: the props used, the decor, they did an amazing job.

          The only nit pick I have comes to the puzzle design. The flow of a particular meta puzzle felt off and could have fit the theme more.

          Overall, however, they were straightforward and logical. We needed a hint for one and thus sadness because I should have gotten that one! Failure is me. *sigh*

          In conclusion, our team got out with about four minutes to spare. Our game master seemed a bit skeptical when he came in to give us a hint. He kept repeating “You only have eight minutes left to get out…”

          But get out we did and there was much rejoicing! Huzzah on having an awesome room for my 100th!

          Room Escape Ottawa
          1860 Bank St, Unit 3B, Ottawa, ON K1V 7Z8

          About the Author:

          Errol Elumir has played adventure games ever since they were text on screens loading from cassette tapes. He would put the number of Escape Rooms he’s played but it keeps changing so you can just check his play log. He loves clever puzzle designs and has designed the puzzles for#TOPH2 and Canadian Caper’s Speakeasy. He is an active participant in the Escape Room community and you can find him on his twitter account. Warning: long escape room discussions may ensue.

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