Painter's Murder

Painter's Murder










          • - Good room for beginners


          • - Wish there were enough flashlights for everyone playing

          Theme/Atmosphere: The room we were in wasn’t very large, so I wouldn’t’ recommend any more than 6 people in the room. We had four, and I think it was just right. They have an interesting twist in that not only are you trying to find the key to “escape” the room, but you are also trying to solve the murder mystery. This really helps get you into the theme of the room and feel like you are solving a mystery.

          Puzzles: The challenges were fun, and very solvable. Nothing was overly complicated and if anything, I found we were the ones who over thought the solutions.

          Level of Difficulty: What needed to be done wasn’t always very obvious or straightforward, so a bit of experience with what escape rooms are all about and intuition on what needs to be done would definitely help with this room. Having said that, this isn’t a very difficult room and beginners will have fun.

          Overall Experience: I found the need to solve the murder mystery while trying to get out of the room a bit distracting. It is true that you will naturally find the murder mystery clues as you progress through the game, but the nagging thought that I need to find certain things (that doesn’t help me open a lock or lead to the next puzzle) was just distracting. Some may find that it adds another dimension to the escape game, but I personally like the more straightforward escape format. Otherwise, the challenges made sense, and it was a fun experience.


          Freeing Canada Station – Toronto
          9625 Yonge St, 2nd Flr, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5T2

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