Painter's Murderer

Painter's Murderer










          • - Room truly felt like an art studio
          • - Puzzles relevant to theme


          • - Not for those who don't like dark rooms
          • - Room would be too stuffy and cramped for 6 players

          This was the very first room that we tried at Freeing. I was a bit stressed out after the room introduction because they said that other than finding the final key, we had the role of investigators and had to collect four designated pieces of evidence! In hindsight, I guess it’s not that much more effort since we pretty much get our hands into everything anyway. But still, it was an extra thing on my mind throughout the game, so I’m still trying to decide if that’s an aspect that I like or not.

          One thing that I definitely did like though is the room design. The setting was an art studio, and that’s exactly what it looked and felt like. And the puzzles were related to the whole art theme as well. One thing worth noting is that the room got kind of stuffy towards the end. We just had 4 people, so with more people (they allow up to 6), the room might heat up even quicker.

          Painter’s Murderer is one of their easiest games, but for whatever reason, our E4G team was off to a slow start. Was it because of the puzzle design? Possibly. Since it was a single room game, you basically have access to all of the puzzles and clues from start to finish. So it’s up to you to decide which puzzle to tackle when, and to figure out which clue is applicable.

          Even though we completed the mission – getting the final key and collecting all the evidence –  with 10 minutes to spare, we definitely weren’t proud of our performance. But did we have a good time? Absolutely!


          Freeing Canada Station – Toronto
          9625 Yonge St, 2nd Flr, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5T2

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