Night at the Wedding

Night at the Wedding










          • - Highly immersive
          • - Puzzles were unique and tied into theme


          • - Some puzzles could be solved by looking at what other teams were doing

          Night at the Wedding was the second live-theatrical escape event put on by the Canadian Caper team. Even before going, I was excited about it, because the theme was so different! And they did such a great job with it, from the costumes, to the decorations, to how the event played out over the hour. And most of the “guests” (i.e. players) also dressed up, so it was quite fun!

          Similar to the last event, solving the puzzles required interaction with the various actors. While I enjoyed this aspect of it, I know some people were not too comfortable with it, especially those who are introverted or for whom English is their second language. Like I said though, it didn’t bother me and I found the puzzles to be enjoyable and relevant to the story. The puzzles were also very creative and had a wide variety.

          The only thing that bothered me (and I’m nitpicking here) was that I found it hard for team members to communicate with each other. Since we all dispersed to gather information, it was hard to share any information once we had it, since everyone was busy doing something, somewhere.

          In any case, my team (of 6 this time!) had a great time and would definitely participate in future Canadian Caper escape events.

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