Night at the Speakeasy

Night at the Speakeasy










          • - Puzzles very unique and creative
          • - Puzzles related well to theme
          • - Actors were fun to interact with


          • - Very crowded and hot
          • - Backlog of people at last task

          This game was a live theatrical escape event, set in the mid-1920’s, at a speakeasy run by the mob. In order to gain access to various parts of the place (and eventually, escape), you needed to solve puzzles – of course! It was a refreshing theme, to say the least, and the Canadian Caper team certainly did a great job of taking the players back in time. From the music to the costumes of the actors and staff, it’s clear that lots of effort was put into the preparation.

          Onto the puzzles! What I really liked about the puzzles were that they tied into the theme well. Players had to determine what food order to place with the waiter, what drink to order at the bar, etc. to get the next token or set of puzzles. One of the puzzles even involved listening to the song that was being sung – brilliant! What I also liked was that there was good mix of puzzles that could be worked on simultaneously, but at the same time, a logical order to the puzzles such that you weren’t just given a stack of puzzles to work on. And of course, having to interact with the actors added to the fun.

          There were a couple of things that could be improved upon. Firstly, it was too crowded and stuffy. Secondly, there was quite a backlog of people trying to exit at the end, due to the way the last puzzle/task was executed. But having said that, and keeping in mind that this format of escape game is not exactly my favourite, I say it was a job well done!

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