King of the Bootleggers

King of the Bootleggers










          • - Actors were amazing
          • - Rooms and props were high quality
          • - Puzzles well integrated into theme


          • - 16 people split up into 3 teams
          • - Only saw 1/3 of the room
          • - Searching
          • - Price

          Escapers 4G had the pleasure of teaming up with expert escapers Errol Elumir and Manda Whitney for this round of Casa Loma escaping! Here’s a guest review from Errol!

          This is a difficult room to rate because there are so many positive qualities: the location is amazing, the actors did a great job of immersing you in the story, the set designs and the props used were a lot of fun and it is a high quality room escape. However, I found the puzzles to be uninspiring. I will give a minor spoiler about the puzzles: searching. Yes, there is physical searching involved, but even the puzzle types were of a ‘search’ nature (you can ask me about that offline).

          To be fair, the presentation of the puzzles were fantastic! They were hands-on, tactile, and they looked amazing. Thing is, I’m tired of searching. FINDING something isn’t that exciting. My daughter asks me on a weekly basis where her hairbrush is. Just last night my wife misplaced a piece of paper for the kids’ school. I constantly have to look for my mittens. And the remote?! Forget about the remote; my kids have the ability to warp that thing in and out of existence. But you know what? In all those cases, I at least KNOW what I’m looking for. In an escape room, you don’t even know WHAT you’re supposed to find. So at the end of searching, we’re not all “Huzzah! We found it!”. We’re more, “Finally! Now we can get on with the game.”

          FINDING isn’t enough of a reward. Figuring out an answer is awesome! Getting the ‘Aha’ moment of a difficult puzzle is exhilarating! And this is the problem. There weren’t any ‘aha’ moments in the puzzles. We didn’t find them difficult to solve, we just found them tedious.

          Confession: This could be me at the enthusiast stage. It could be because I don’t do rooms with new people, so no one wants to do the searching part. At one point in the game, I was looking at a container and I thought to myself, “I could open up that container… but I’ve already opened up five and nothing was in them.” I am that lazy. But I really hate searching. I wonder if that is a natural progression with Escape Room Enthusiasts! Do we all eventually come to loathe it? (Btw, yes, there was a clue in that container.)

          In conclusion, I would definitely recommend the place because it is one of the few rooms that successfully integrate actors in the game. It is one of the few places that does immersion the best. However, it is quite pricey. And if an enthusiast asked me if it was worth doing, I would warn them: there is more ‘doing’ than there is ‘solving’, but it does looks fantastic!

          Casa Loma
          1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8

          About the Author:

          Errol Elumir has played adventure games ever since they were text on screens loading from cassette tapes. He would put the number of Escape Rooms he’s played but it keeps changing so you can just check his play log. He loves clever puzzle designs and has designed the puzzles for#TOPH2 and Canadian Caper’s Speakeasy. He is an active participant in the Escape Room community and you can find him on his twitter account. Warning: long escape room discussions may ensue.

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