Fire Fighter Rescue

Fire Fighter Rescue










          • - Excellent use of the theme
          • - Puzzles creative and fun


          • - The darkness may bother some people
          • - Some spaces are very tight

          We were a bit hesitant to drive all the way to Oakville, but after more than a few people telling us that Fire Fighter Rescue is worth the drive, we went for it. And I must say, it didn’t disappoint. Not only was the theme very refreshing, but Escape from the 6 also did an amazing job at implementing it. From the décor to the props, you can tell that each item was handpicked for this room.

          I didn’t get to participate in every puzzle, but the ones I did participate in were great! They fit the story perfectly, and were loads of fun. And I’m probably not the first to say that as much as I don’t enjoy searching in an escape room, I didn’t mind it at all in Fire Fighter Rescue. You’ll see why when you play it.

          This game is a definite gem; however, I can’t recommend it for everyone. While the theme is family-friendly, some kids may be frightened by the lack of light in some spots. Also, there is climbing and crawling involved, and some tight spaces to squeeze through, so that may be an issue for some. But if the above factors don’t bother you, make sure to go try this game out!


          Escape From The 6 (old)
          521 North Service Rd E, Unit 2C, Oakville, ON L6H 1A5

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