Final Destination

Final Destination










          • - Very well constructed/decorated room


          • - Smaller space
          • - Only a single room escape
          • - Little use of technology

          Theme/Atmosphere: Love the décor. The storyline for this room is that you are trying to escape a crashing plane, so it’s very fitting that you are stuck inside the replica of a plane cabin. Only pitfall to that is that it is quite cramped, and we felt it with only 4 people in the room. But I can’t complain, because it’s perfect for the theme, and you are stuck on a plane so small spaces are expected.

          Puzzles: The puzzles were logical and were quite sequential/easy to follow. I liked that there were very few distractions, and the puzzles were quite fitting with the theme of an airplane adventure.

          Level of Difficulty: I think this room is great for beginners as the puzzles were pretty straightforward and things were aptly labeled.

          Overall Experience: This was my first time at Roundabout, and the experience starts in the reception area. It is clear that they have taken the time and effort to make this a fun experience for everyone. They are very helpful and try to make sure that you don’t get stuck on the mechanics of how to use their locks so they give you a 101 lesson — Nice touch.

          It’s absolutely awesome that I felt like I was sitting inside the cabin of a real plane. I have to hand it to them that the replica was very well done. I did find the room a bit cramped, so I would not recommend more than 4 people in this room otherwise you start stepping over each other. The only disappointments were that you can’t really work in parallel because each task relied on help/direction from the previous task and there was very little use of technology even though I was surrounded with a lot of potential for it being in a plane.

          Very interested in coming back to try other rooms because I enjoyed the atmosphere a lot.


          Roundabout Canada
          330 Yonge St, 2nd Flr, Toronto, ON M5B 1R8

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