Escape the Book Club Killer

Escape the Book Club Killer










          • - Brightly lit, and very spacious for 10+ people.


          • - Puzzles that are not foolproof and can be triggered without solving the puzzle.

          Theme/Atmosphere: Loved their game masters. They are very animated and really do generate a great atmosphere to get you excited about escaping. The décor in the room isn’t anything spectacular, but is fitting for the storyline of a book club killer.

          Puzzles: After finishing the escape, I thought about all the puzzles involved, and although they make sense and have a good flow, I did not appreciate the fact that they are not foolproof. We got split into two rooms, and 10 mins into the game, we found the key and opened the door; but we were told by the game masters to close the door and “pretend” we didn’t find the key because we hadn’t solved the puzzle properly and it would ruin our experience and flow. So we then spent the next 15 mins trying to determine when was the right moment to open the door (because we don’t know when it was considered “solved”). We didn’t really know what had gone wrong until the game had finished and the game masters told us how we should have gotten the key. Apparently, their mechanism is known to malfunction and other teams have found the key prematurely as well.

          Another issue I had with their puzzles was that it relied on the game masters to monitor our progress and tell us hints throughout. This was a great idea to begin with because it added to the atmosphere and made it fun, but the game masters weren’t able to hear what we were saying and would constantly give us clues to puzzles we have already solved. This always wasted our time because we would try to solve the puzzle again thinking we missed something.

          Level of Difficulty: I would deem this a beginner to medium difficulty room. The puzzles were straightforward and enjoyable.

          Overall Experience: Overall it was a lot of fun, but mostly because I enjoyed our interactions with the game masters. The room itself is low-tech and like I had mentioned, I did not appreciate puzzles that have a known issue for malfunctioning. Good room for beginners or those just starting to play escape rooms.


          1204 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1W1

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