Escape the Book Club Killer

Escape the Book Club Killer










          • - Rooms were spacious
          • - Fun and unique hint system


          • - Lots of searching
          • - Equipment for important puzzle was faulty

          This game starts off with your team split into two neighbouring rooms, until you solve the puzzle to unlock the door that separates the two groups. Naturally, puzzle solutions required communication and teamwork between the two teams. This is when having loud team members (like myself) really come in handy.

          I appreciated how each of the rooms were well-lit and had ample space, as we often find ourselves in rooms that are too small and too dark. The atmosphere was nothing spectacular, but was sufficient for the story. The props and furniture also seemed to be in decent condition, considering how much abuse they must go through with all the searching that’s required for this game.

          One unique feature of LockQuest was their hint system. Instead of the players requesting a hint, the gamemasters watched us closely as we played and called us when they suspected that we were stuck. Not only that, but they were quite creative in delivering the hint. For example, instead of telling us to look somewhere, they called us saying it was time for “The Word of the Day”, and proceeded to give us a word and its definition, which of course, tipped us off on where to search. One problem I see with this is the fact that hardcore players may not want any hints. Also, our gamemasters did admit to us that since we spoke Cantonese most of the time, they had some difficulty figuring out how far along we were (since they only spoke English).

          The puzzles were creative and did relate back to the theme most of the time. However, there was one puzzle that we solved “too early” due to faulty equipment. When the gamemasters realized this, they quickly called us to tell us, so we had to pretend that we didn’t have this key that we now possessed, and to not use it until we reached that point in the game. I guess it’s a non-issue since this game is no longer running, but design-wise, if something can’t be played out of order, it really should have a better safeguard to ensure that it can’t be accessed until the appropriate time in the game.

          Overall, our group of twelve had a good time and had plenty to chat about afterwards.  There aren’t many places that can host such a large group in one game, so it’s rather sad that they’ve closed down. In the event that they do re-open, I recommend this game for beginner- to intermediate-level players.


          1204 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1W1

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