Escape from the Tower

Escape from the Tower










          • - Actors were great
          • - Interesting puzzles


          • - The tower was stuffy and hot

          Theme/Atmosphere: To be honest, I did not care for the storyline, but their actors were extremely professional and so much fun to interact with. They really brought the storyline and theme to life. Definitely added another dimension to the game.

          Puzzles: I have to say that the majority of the puzzles are quite unique and creative. Because there was so much to do on each level of the tower before you advance to the next, everyone in our group was able to use their skills to help solve different puzzles. In order to get out of this tower quickly enough, you definitely needed to divide and conquer the tasks.

          Level of Difficulty: Beginners will definitely have fun, but may find it hard to get out in time as there is a lot to do. I would say that this is a medium/high difficulty level (if you want to get out within the hour). Completely inexperienced players may not have as much fun because you would probably not be able to advance into the higher levels of the tower and experience the whole escape.

          Overall Experience: Absolutely loved it and can’t wait for their next escape in the series!!
          Their actors were professional and added to the atmosphere of the game. They were always in character (even as they were providing hints/tips), and added laughter to our game. The puzzles were quite unique and had interesting twists. We ended the game with only minutes to spare with our adrenaline rushing and that’s probably the most excited I’ve been escaping at the end of a game.


          Casa Loma
          1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8

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