Escape from the Time Travel Lab

Escape from the Time Travel Lab










          • - Time travel concept executed very cleverly
          • - Good game for teamwork and collaboration


          • - Not enough puzzles for recommend maximum of 11 people

          Our group decided to give Escape from the Time Travel Lab a try before it wrapped up its run in Toronto. I had heard so many good things about this game, but could never convince such a large group to go with me (they recommend 11 players and can accommodate up to 12). It could also be because I’m picky about who I play with, but…that’s a topic for another day.

          So if I could only use one word to describe this game, I would say it’s clever. Given that the theme is a time travel lab, I had expected to see some neat techie items, but there was almost no tech. And yet, with a bit of silliness and imagination, our team did “travel through time”, which is something you need to do to complete the game. While I was initially unimpressed by the lack of tech, I left there impressed by the clever implementation of the time travel concept and how it put a very unique and fun spin on the typical escape room game flow.

          The décor wasn’t overly fancy or elaborate, but I guess that’s kind of expected, given that this game has been around for a while. As for the puzzles, from what I could see, there seemed to be a good variety. But like any large group escape game, you only get to participate in a fraction of the puzzles. One thing we also noticed was that there were times that players were standing around doing nothing. They did all the searching they could do, and there was no puzzle that needed more players to solve. And towards the end of the game, the puzzles are linear, and only need a couple people at most, so there were even more people standing around. So we all felt that having twelve experienced players for this game is a bit much; eight would probably be ideal.

          All things considered, I’m glad that I tried out Escape from the Time Travel Lab and would recommend it for players of all levels. However, it is only in Toronto until end of March 2016. If you want to try it, you better book it soon!


          Company & Co
          76 Stafford St, Toronto, ON M6J 2S1

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