Escape from the Cursed Forest

Escape from the Cursed Forest










          • - Fun because you feel like you are racing against other teams


          • - You don't really get to escape anywhere as you are working at your table most of the hour

          Theme/Atmosphere: This was my first experience with the Real Escape Games company, and because this isn’t a permanent location for this game, the props and décor is not that impressive. The facilitators were all dressed up and it helped with the storyline of being “trapped in a forest”.

          Puzzles: There was a very wide variety of puzzles to complete, most of which were completed at our group’s table. Everything required pen and paper. I liked the fact that the puzzles all had instructions, even though they were not always necessarily straight forward to decipher.

          Level of Difficulty: The puzzles were not easy and they all required different skills to complete. They got progressively harder, and did not have a logical order for completion. It was a lot of fun, but it helps to have a team with diverse skills because you will definitely have to divide and conquer the different tasks.

          Overall Experience: It was quite interesting that we were playing in the same room with 9 other teams. There’s a level of urgency when you see another team complete a task first, which adds to the atmosphere. The puzzles were interesting and creative. The only aspect I wish the game included was actual rooms and the feeling that we knew we solved the last puzzle (you solve for a word at the end of the game, but you are not told if it was right/wrong until the end of the night). We ended the night completing all the puzzles, without really truly feeling like we had “Escaped” or finished the game.

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