Escape from Bleak Prison

Escape from Bleak Prison










          • - There weren't any misleading puzzles/red herrings
          • - Lots of puzzles and never feels dull/slow
          • - Dimly lit, but didn't require individual flashlights


          • - Smaller spaces

          Theme/Atmosphere: The rooms were very well decorated and I really did feel like we were in a jail cell. The atmosphere was dark and dimly lit as you would assume jail cells to be, but it was not scary at all.

          Puzzles: Absolutely loved the puzzles. This is a multi-room escape experience, with lots of puzzles to solve. There is never a dull moment. It was one after another. And all the puzzles required a variety of skills and thinking, so I believe our diverse team of thinkers really helped us escape.

          Level of Difficulty: I think this room might be a bit difficult to grasp for beginners because there aren’t any instructions as to what needs to be done. It’s simply a matter of intuition after having played several escape games. Even though there are many puzzles to solve, I think 60-minutes is sufficient to get out even if you get stuck on one or two puzzles as we had.

          Overall Experience: This is a 60-minute experience, and I loved every minute of it. I liked that they started the escape with a prerecorded video outlining rules and explaining the storyline; because it’s prerecorded, it’s very consistent and professionally done. I also appreciated that they do not aim to create diversions and they indicated explicitly that every item is used once. I absolutely loved that there weren’t’ any unnecessary red herrings because an escape game should be about solving the puzzles and not about tricking us into wasting time. I will say that the end of the game made me LOL (you will understand when you exit as well).


          Escape Games
          11 Kodiak Cres, Toronto, ON M3J 3E5

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