Escape the Danforth

Escape the Danforth










          • - Family-friendly
          • - Puzzle-to-lock correlation very clear


          • - Some props showing signs of wear and tear

          I was really looking forward to playing Escape the Danforth – it’s refreshing to have a theme that’s not horror-based, not haunted, not a prison…you get the idea. Also, I heard that this game was family-friendly, so I was eager to try this out since many of my friends have kids and have been asking which escape games are suitable for kids.

          It’s a bit overwhelming when you first enter the room, as there are props and furniture all over the room. But one will quickly notice (as mentioned by the gamemaster) that every lock is clearly labelled with a symbol, so that you know which puzzle/key is associated with which lock. Does that make the game too easy? Not at all. You still have puzzles to solve, and items to find. What it does do though, is remove the frustration of trying a 4-digit combination on every single padlock in the room. Love it!

          Even though some props were showing signs of wear and tear, it was a well-decorated room that matched well with the theme. The puzzles were fun and had a wide variety, and do lend well to having kids participate. All in all, I think this room is suitable for ages 8 to 88, and is fun for beginners and advanced players alike!


          Looking Glass Adventures
          2200 Danforth Ave, Lower Level, Toronto, ON M4C 1K3

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