De Triad Code (Mobsters)

De Triad Code (Mobsters)










          • - Can play in competitive mode
          • - Had a couple of neat puzzles/tricks


          • - Had a technical issue

          This room has a rather unique feature to it – it can be played in competitive mode (Mobsters vs. Investigators). So instead of our usual four, we brought a party of ten, so that we could split into two teams of five to play against each other. Another thing we did differently was that we split the E4G team up – I teamed up with Logic, while 師妹 and #7 were on the other team.

          My team played the Mobsters room first, so our goal was to escape before the investigators broke into our hideout. I must say, the competitive aspect definitely added to the excitement of the game. Instead of watching the timer, we were now panicking every time we heard any rumble in the connecting passage way.

          As single room escapes go, this room had a fair share of puzzles. And most of the time, it was pretty clear what the next step was. There were also a couple of neat puzzles/tricks that we haven’t seen before, so that was quite refreshing. Unfortunately, one of them also became a source of frustration for us, because even though we were doing the steps properly, it didn’t work until after a few tries. I heard from our other team  (when it was their turn to play the Mobsters room) that it completely failed to work for them, so this is definitely something that can use some rework.

          Overall, it was not bad and I would recommend it for intermediate-level players. However, if you do play, I highly suggest bringing a large enough group so that you can play the competitive mode.


          De Code Adventures
          6620 Kitimat Rd, Unit 4, Mississauga, ON L5N 3K3

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