De Triad Code (Investigators)

De Triad Code (Investigators)










          • - Can play in competitive mode
          • - Clever use of props


          • - Staff were not aware that we had completed the room

          This room has a rather unique feature to it – it can be played in competitive mode (Mobsters vs. Investigators). So instead of our usual four, we brought a party of ten, so that we could split into two teams of five to play against each other. Another thing we did differently was that we split the E4G team up – I teamed up with Logic, while 師妹 and #7 were on the other team.

          So it was now our turn to be the investigators. Seeing how last game, the investigators got to our hideout just two minutes after we escaped, the pressure was on! We put our brains into high gear and nabbed the mobsters (who were the investigators last game) in less than 20 minutes!

          Was it an easy game? Not really, although I did find it easier than the Mobsters room. However, most of the puzzles in this room required players to play close attention to details. Failing that, you could be stuck for quite a while. It’s probably for this reason that the designers did not put too many puzzles in this room. It just so happened that our team was sharp on the details, which allowed us to complete the room quickly.

          Although there was no fancy technology in this room, I felt that they made clever use of the props. Like the Mobsters room, I would recommend it for intermediate-level players, and highly recommend that you play in competitive mode.


          De Code Adventures
          6620 Kitimat Rd, Unit 4, Mississauga, ON L5N 3K3

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