Breakout Team AdventuresBreakOut Team Adventures
705 Progress Ave, Unit 43, Toronto, ON M1H 2X1

Breakout Team Adventures, located just a block away from Scarborough Town Centre, is a great place for room escape, especially for larger teams.  They currently feature two themes: Liberty Squad, which was designed more for beginners, and The Hangover, which is for more advanced players.

The unit was part of an industrial plaza, which makes it hard to find if one is not familiar with the area.  It would be beneficial for them to put a sign that is viewable at the entrance, so that people would know which driveway to turn into, as there are more than 2 for the same plaza.

The outside of the unit looks pretty run-down, but once I stepped in, the interior furnishing and décor instantly changed my perspective about the company.  I was immediately greeted by the host, who was kind enough to call us an hour ahead to remind us of our appointment.  He was very friendly and welcoming, and was patient with us while we waited for a few late-comers. The lobby and reception, albeit small, was clean and neat. I also saw a small collection of board-games which we were told to enjoy when we finished our game.

I have read in other reviews that the décor of the rooms were done by a Hollywood set designer. After playing Liberty Squad, I totally believe it! The props and furnishings suited the theme perfectly. Much detail and thought were put into the design, and made me really appreciate the whole experience.

BreakOut Team Adventures is a great place to hang out! The only thing I recommend is to read their map thoroughly so you won’t have trouble finding them.



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