The Black Room

The Black Room










          • - It was clear what order to solve the puzzles in


          • - Some may be bothered by the lack of light
          • - One puzzle was not solvable, even by the staff there

          The Black Room was, as expected, dark. The story behind the room is that one of your friends disappeared after taking on a babysitting job, so you go look for her and end up getting locked into the child’s room. Other than having some items that might belong in a child’s room, it did not feel like a child’s room. It felt more like a dark room with puzzles.

          To Escape Zone‘s credit, each of the puzzles were labelled with a letter to indicate the order in which to solve them. This is helpful because you are exposed to almost all the locks as soon as you enter the room. However, there were two points of frustration for us. The first one came from a puzzle that showed a hint on how to solve it. However, the solution required a slightly different approach, which is hard to come up with since you’re misled by the hint. The second source of frustration was a task that just wouldn’t work, no matter how hard we tried. After escaping the room, we asked the staff to show us how it’s done (assuming we just weren’t doing it properly), and neither of them could do it. Hopefully, they will take some time to fix this.

          For a $25 room, I’d say this fell short of my expectations. Perhaps if it was fixed up a bit, and the price lowered a bit, I’d be more willing to recommend this room. At this point, I can only say that if you’re in the area, and feel the need to play an escape room, then give it a try. I wouldn’t go out of your way to make a trip there though.


          Escape Zone
          2nd Floor – 388 Spadina Ave. Toronto, ON M5T 2G5

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