BioLab Extraction

BioLab Extraction










          • - Good room for beginners as it isn't a complicated room


          • - I wish the apparatus would work properly so that we wouldn't have to waste time trying to get it to work

          Theme/Atmosphere: The moment you walk in, you feel like you are in a bio lab, which was a great touch. But there were no instructions or flow to the challenges, and you simply had to figure out what to do next.

          Puzzles: I was disappointed that there weren’t very many challenges to solve. Hence, from that perspective, this isn’t a very tough room. I didn’t feel that the challenges were overly complicated, but we always had a hard time carrying out the solution. We always knew what we needed to do, but we had a hard time actually doing it so that the electronics would get triggered.

          Level of Difficulty: Even though we did not get out, I don’t think this room was very difficult. We simply had challenges getting the devices/apparatus to work properly.

          Overall Experience: I liked that the room was brightly lit, and that there was more than enough space for all four of us (even though it didn’t look like a big room). I wasn’t impressed with the number of challenges and the fact that we spent more time on the logistics of solving the puzzles and not actually solving the puzzles themselves.

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