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已經有一段時間沒來到Trapped Canada。這次是我們第三次到訪,今趟玩的是Medieval Prison,亦是難道較高的其中一房。用監獄主題 [Read more...]

Theme/Atmosphere: Great atmosphere. I liked that they even had sand in the rooms to make you feel transported to Egypt. Puzzles: I found the puzzles really challenging, and they were all tied to the Egyptian theme which was nice. There was a bit of reading involved, and most of the   [Read More...]

When I expressed interest in this room, the owner told me that it was a “back to the basics” kind of room. Indeed, there were no electronic locks, devices or puzzles. But there was nothing “basic” about the room set-up. When you open your eyes, you really feel that you’re   [Read More...]

第一,布置好正!房間嘅感覺真係令人覺得身處係個金字塔裏面(雖然我未去過),有好多沙。。陰陰沉沉咁,仲有埃及音樂做背景添。氣氛相當唔錯。入去之前,個員工仲比咗啲鞋套我哋保護隻鞋,都幾細心。我哋用咗差唔多一半時間來破第一間房。一來真係好黑,二來佢哋題示都幾難搵,樣樣嘢都好細件,但間房就好大。 [Read more...]

The Ancient Pyramid 是 CodeGreen 玩完極力推薦 E4G 去玩的房間, 所以我們找了另外兩位朋友五個人一齊玩。適合有經驗玩家, 要自己尋找線索。 需要非常好的翻找能力, 觀察力, 圖案識別, 和聯想 [Read more...]

Theme/Atmosphere: The room was dimly lit and was consistent with the theme of going through an eerie room searching for the Death Note. It was comfortable for 4 people. Puzzles: I enjoyed the hidden “features” and the challenges were fun to solve. Everything was consistent with the Death Note theme,   [Read More...]

呢間房嘅概念源於日本漫畫『死亡筆記』。初時職員問我哋有冇睇過套漫畫或電影。。我心諗,成十幾年前,睇過都唔記得啦。我自己就淨係記得個主角執到本書, [Read more...]

Of the five rooms at Trapped Canada, this one is probably the easiest. Having said that, I will also say that rooms at Trapped Canada are more for Intermediate/Advanced players, so this is no walk in the park! As with other rooms at Trapped Canada, the puzzles in this room   [Read More...]

Death Note 是 E4G 第一次合作的房間, 適合新手。 要自己尋找線索, 需要非常好的觀察力, 翻找能力, 細節推理和小隊合作。 道具雖然比較簡單, 但有轉移及誤導成份。 其中一個道具可以強行打開,所 [Read more...]

After my good experience with The Ancient Pyramid, I was itching to try the other rooms. So I grabbed five friends and we decided to tackle Contaminated Hospital. The equipment and props were not as fancy as the pyramid, but it suited the story just fine. Although the room set-up was not as   [Read More...]

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